For 30 years TAI SHING has always insisted on the spirit of continuing innovation as well as change i.e. from the traditional heavy oil furnace in the past to the modern all-electric furnace at the moment; which can meet the demand of environmental protection and upgrade the quality of glass. The defect of producing the traditional glass with the soft material of soda lime is easily nebulized after keeping for a long period of time. Now the use of hard material from borosilicate specializes in producing the glass with high transparency and no fading even newer as time goes by.

Acceptable for orders with small lots to satisfy the aftermarket demand.

High transparency & fine quality to match the quality of automotive light cover regulated by CAPA.

Making and mixing any kinds of color glass to meet the requirements for signal light & truck light & western antique light

Setup of glass hardened facilities to increase the compression resistance & heat persistence for entering Japanese market based on OEM quality request.